Awards of Energy course Faculties and Students

International Awards of Energy course faculties and students for academic year 2018 and 2019 are posted. Please check Japanese page for Domestic Awards.


Koshihara-Okimoto Lab. Umanodan Tsugumi:

The 12th International Conference on Excitonic and Photonic Processes in Condensed Matter and Nano Materials(EXCON2018)【Best Student Award】
Ultrafast photo control of proton-mediated organic ferroelectric systems

Koshihara-Okimoto Lab Umanodan Tsugumi:

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan【JPSJ Papers of Editors' Choice】

Mechanical Engineering

Aoki Laboratory Yos Panagaman Sitompul, Takayuki Aoki:

Asian Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ACFD 2018)【Best Paper Award】
A Cumulant LBM with Hybrid-like Filter for Violent Two-phase Flows

Hanamura Laboratory Ms. Merika Chanthanumataporn:

The 22nd International onference on Solid State Ionics【Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Poster Prize】
Imaging of Electrochemically Active Region in Porous LaSrCoO₃ Cathode

Materials Science

Hayakawa Lab Yuta Nabae:

Publons【Publons Peer Review Awards 2018, Top 1% in Chemistry】

Applied Chemistry

Inagi Lab Shinsuke Inagi:

International Society of Electrochemistry【Tajima Prize】

Shishido Lab Masayuki Kishino:

the 19th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2019)【Best Poster Paper Award】
Inner Strain Analysis in Bending Silicone Elastomer by Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Sensor

Tomita Lab Alvin Tanudjaja:

Workshop on Organic Chemistry for Junior Chemists【Platinum Award】
Synthesis of Titanafluorene and Its Transformation to Heterofluorene Derivatives