Student's voice

Why I chose the Energy Master Course

M2 Student A. Suzuki

Energy course student

I'm A. Suzuki a M2 student in the Energy Course. I joined energy course in April 2016 and will graduate in March 2018. I joined energy course in order to learn more about energy as well as to conduct research on a energy-related materials topic. By attending energy course lectures, I acquired knowledge about energy from a wide perspective different from my own research specialty. When I graduate, I want to become an engineer and make use of the knowledge acquired in the energy course to help society.

M1 T. Okazaki

M1 T. Okazaki

I'm T. Okazaki a M1 student in the Energy Course. I had a strong interest in energy issues since we had scheduled blackouts in the area I lived in after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. In the energy course, you can study across multiple fields related to energy, so you can earn a wide range of perspectives. With energy demand rising rapidly, especially in emerging countries, we aim to become a engineer who can tackle issues beyond the boundaries of fields.

Graduates Potential Career Paths

Why I choose energy course
  • Corporate research labs
  • Technology development
  • Instructor or educator
  • Academic research and education
Potential Employers for Graduates

Hitachi / Toshiba / Fujitsu / NEC / Mitsubishi Electric / Panasonic / Sony / NTT Group (Docomo, Data, Research Institute) / Nomura Research Institute / Nihon Unisys / Yahoo / Rakuten / Toyota Motor / Honda Motor / Ricoh / Nikon / Shimadzu / Tokyo Electric Power / Chubu Electric Power / East Japan Railway (JR East) / JFE Steel / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / JGC / Mitsubishi Chemical/ Tokyo Gas / Adeka / Dunlop

Photo by Si-take